Make your Mess your Message

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cupcake "mess"/fail. Check out more pintrosities here!

I watched an interview this morning with Robin Roberts that touched me. I have been feeling badly lately about posting too much about our infertility "stuff." I know many of you are a little tired of it, I can't really blame you. For me, it helps heal me, bit by bit. Maybe a strange place to seek healing? Yet, somehow it helps! Robin said something that her mom used to tell her, and it stuck with me, "Make your Mess your Message!" Her mess has been cancer, and like many of my family and friends, she's a fighter!

 I feel like a walking mess, 80% of the time these days, no make-up, not dressing up, barely making it out of the house, a kind of gloomy persona, I'm sad I let it affect me this way. However, I've been also trying to be okay with this fact, that maybe, for this brief moment in my life, I'm still okay. I'm thankful, to social media, that I have a place to "talk" because otherwise, I might crumble. So just for a bit longer, you'll have to deal with "my mess".

Thanks  for loving me, where I am and thanks for your love and support, always, and for making my mess your message!

Photo of Robin Roberts

Growths, Auctions and Thankgiving

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A quick update...

I went to the doctor for my ultrasound, the one I talked about having here. Great news, I'm "weird growth" free! My ovaries BOTH look great and are ready for baby makin'! I was thrilled to get this news and I thank you all for the prayers!

We are getting so close to our goal, we are looking at starting IVF treatments in FEBRUARY! Can you believe that!?! So soon! We found out this week that our medications are going to cost anyway from $2,000-$6,000! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! So that's a little crazy, right!?! UGH!

Anyway, we are also EXCITED to be having an auction next weekend, where 100% of the procedes will got to our baby fun! The auction will be  
SATURDAY NOVEMBER 29, starting at NOON (mountain time)! It will be so easy, you just have to go to our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE and like it and we will post all the AWESOME items there. There are spa baskets, art pieces, wreaths, holiday decor, home decor, treats, accessories and MORE! You won't want to miss this amazing handmade stuff for Christmas gifts! Please join us!

Lastly, I have felt so guilty lately about not being good about thanking people. I've fallen very short on sending out Thank You notes to everyone who has contributed to our campaign. I want to say this, Lucas and I cry regularly because we are so overwhelmed by your love and support. I want you to know, what you do for us means the world, and I'm so sorry I haven't been able to thank each of you individually. YOU are an enormous blessing to us and a light that we so desperately need some days! THANKS YOU!
Turkey Protesting Thanksgiving Cupcake! by Edible Delights, via Flickr
Eat cake not turkey cupcake.